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Instagram influencer Ramzan Miah helps the vulnerable this Christmas

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Ramzan Miah will be volunteering alongside others at the city's Open Christmas, which is held at St Andrew's Hall near Princes Street.

Norwich's Open Christmas is a free event that gives less fortunate people a place to spend the day, along with lunch and great company.

Ramzan will be alongside the volunteers serving food, sharing gifts, donating clothes and spending quality time with visitors.

Ramzan, who made history in the London Fashion Week as the first Bangladeshi model, said: "On Christmas day we see people enjoying food, having an amazing time and that's great, but there are still people who are alone or even homeless. That just hits me, to know they don't have anyone, so I think the Open Christmas is a fantastic idea.

"It's an eye-opener for people to join, support and give, that's what I love the most."

The free Open Christmas will begin at 11am, lasting until 5pm and is welcome to anyone who doesn't want to spend the day alone.

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